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(Responsible Manager) Editorial Directors

Marco Di Stefano Italy

Priya Patel Dubai

Lisa Smith England

Nimet karaaslan (Türkiye) nimet.karaaslan@boatsgroup.com.tr
Emily Johnson (England)emily.johnson@boatsgroup.com.tr
Ramesh Singh (United Arab Emirates) ramesh.singh@boatsgroup.com.tr
Sofia Russo (Italy)sofia.russo@boatsgroup.com.tr

Associate Editors
Sofia Russo (Dubai) sofia.russo@boatsgroup.com.tr
Francesco De Luca (Italy) francesco.deluca@boatsgroup.com.tr
Maria Bianco (Italy) maria.bianco@boatsgroup.com.tr
Cem Kaya (Türkiye) cem.kaya@boatsgroup.com.tr
Anuj Gupta (Dubai) anuj.gupta@boatsgroup.com.tr
Giulia Romano (Italy) giulia.romano@boatsgroup.com.tr
Alex Wilson (England)alex.wilson@boatsgroup.com.tr

Support Authors

Ayşe Yılmaz (Türkiye) – ayse.yilmaz@boatsgroup.com.tr
Mehmet Yılmaz (Türkiye) – mehmet.yilmaz@boatsgroup.com.tr
Cem Kaya (Türkiye) – cem.kaya@boatsgroup.com.tr
Selin Demir (Türkiye) – selin.demir@boatsgroup.com.tr
Sarah Thompson (England) – sarah.thompson@boatsgroup.com.tr
Mark Johnson (England) – mark.johnson@boatsgroup.com.tr
Sandeep Patel (Dubai) – sandeep.patel@boatsgroup.com.tr
Aisha Khan (Dubai) – aisha.khan@boatsgroup.com.tr
Alessandro Ferrari (Italy) – alessandro.ferrari@boatsgroup.com.tr
Francesco De Luca (Italy) – francesco.deluca@boatsgroup.com.tr
Maria Bianco (Italy) – maria.bianco@boatsgroup.com.tr
Abdullah Al-Balushi (Dubai) – abdullah.albalushi@boatsgroup.com.tr
Leonardo Di Matteo (Italy) – leonardo.dimatteo@boatsgroup.com.tr
Sarah White (England) – sarah.white@boatsgroup.com.tr
Mehmet Aydin (Türkiye) – mehmet.aydin@boatsgroup.com.tr

Visual director
Zeynep Öztürk (Türkiye) zeynep.ozturk@boatsgroup.com.tr

Technology Consultants
Sanjay Patel (Dubai) sanjay.patel@boatsgroup.com.tr
Sarah Johnson (England)sarah.johnson@boatsgroup.com.tr
Ramesh Singh (India)ramesh.singh@boatsgroup.com.tr
Mert Yılmaz (Turkey)mert.yilmaz@boatsgroup.com.tr

Marco Russo (Italy) marco.russo@boatsgroup.com.tr
Emily Johnson (Dubai)  emily.johnson@boatsgroup.com.tr
Michael White (England)  michael.white@boatsgroup.com.tr
Melis Kaya (Türkiye) melis.kaya@boatsgroup.com.tr

Office Information
United Kingdom
Digital Freaks London Digital Marketing
26 Queensway, London W2 3RX, United Kingdom
Email: united.kingdom@boatsgroup.com

United Arab Emirates
Digital Marketing & Development
Address: Ibn Battuta Gate Complex Building – The Gate – office 706A ibn Battuta – Mina Jebel Ali – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Email: dubai@boatsgroup.com

digital solutions
Via del Campetto, 1, 64021 Giulianova TE, Italy
Email: Italy@boatsgroup.com

Maslak, Windowist Tower, Eski Büyükdere Cad. No: 26, floor 10 34467 Sarıyer/Istanbul
Email: info@boatsgroup.com

“Boats Group Difference in the World of the Seas

As Boats Group, we offer Motoryat.com, an e-commerce marketplace in the global maritime industry, and we reach all sea enthusiasts in the world’s seas in 4 different countries with 29 e-magazines, 39 brands and 49 web news sites. “You can also benefit from our 19 Turkish and 30 English publications.”

Corporate communications
WhatsApp: 0537 432 71 17